Marketing, public relations, social media management, events and campaigning for ethically, culturally, artistically or socially motivated organisations.

We make it easier for your community, audiences and not-yet-audiences to connect with what matters, to find the kind of experiences they’re looking for, and develop a long-term relationship with your organisation.

We help you start conversations and build relationships with people – your audiences, clients, customers, communities, adding value, nurturing trust, and helping your audiences feel at home.

We go beyond the obvious to create inventive ideas, concepts and campaigns your audiences will love and remember.

We’ll also help you deliver exceptional value and achieve lasting results, for your business, your teams and your audiences.

We’re a multi-award winning team who believe in the power of ethical, transparent and informed marketing and communications to make a difference in the world.

We believe audiences matter, society matters, community matters, civic responsibility matters. Do you?


Marketing that creates a cultural shift

Laura Rothwell FRSA, MCIM, MCIPR

At its core, the best, most effective marketing is about uniting audiences around a common cause, experience, aim or aspiration.

I founded Crystallised to use marketing to drive change. To open up access to arts, culture or education, to fight for social justice, to change minds and opinions, to connect with people and make the world a little bit better. If we do our jobs ethically and well, we open doors and create social change.

Fellow of the RSA; Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing; Member of Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Managing Director

Lauren Watson MCIM

Marketing with thought, can connect people, inspire them and make a real difference to people’s lives.

I revel in the possibilities that each new client project presents and the impact it can have on those on the fringes of 'culture'. I show up each day to make a difference, no matter how small, to how someone perceives or connects with arts, culture and movements that inspire them.

Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing

Marketing Manager

Jennifer O'Neill ACIM

Small imperfect changes add up to change-making events.

At Crystallised, we challenge our clients and ourselves to work better, differently, radically, openly and inclusively.

Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing

Marketing Assistant

Lucy Stockdale ACIPR

Two of my greatest passions - marketing and culture - have united in my role at Crystallised.

Our clients and audiences for arts and culture benefit because of the progressive environment we work in.

Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Marketing Assistant

Local, national & international