In simple terms, we make it easier for your audiences to find the kind of experiences they’re looking for, and in doing so, make it easier for you to take your organisation forward.

We help you start conversations and build relationships with people – your audiences, clients, customers, communities, adding value, nurturing trust, and helping your audiences feel at home. So, when people are looking for what you offer, you’re the first place they look.

We go beyond the obvious to create inventive ideas, concepts and campaigns your audiences will love and remember.

We’ll also help you deliver exceptional value and achieve lasting results, for your business, your teams
and your audiences.

Are you ready to create a cultural shift?


Marketing that creates a cultural shift

Laura Rothwell

At its core, the best, most effective marketing is about uniting audiences around a common cause, experience, aim or aspiration. I observed arts and culture marketing as often being elitist and exclusive, so I founded Crystallised to democratise access to culture with specialist marketing, advice and knowledge, based on 15 years of commercial marketing experience. If we do our jobs ethically and well, we open the doors to culture for everyone.

Managing Director

Lauren Watson

Marketing with thought, can connect people, inspire them and make a real difference to people’s lives. I revel in the possibilities that each new client project presents and the impact it can have on those on the fringes of culture. I show up each day to make a difference, no matter how small, to how someone perceives or connects with arts and culture.

Account Manager

Jennifer O'Neill

Marketing Assistant

Lucy Stockdale

Marketing Assistant

Local, national & international