Black Lives Matter

We've always described ourselves as 'allies', we aren't doing that any longer. It isn't our place to decide if we're allies to specific communities.

Our place is to do the work, consistently - whether people are paying attention or not. It is then up to those communities to decide to consider us an ally, based on our actions.

In the midst of murder after murder of Black people by white police officers in the USA and subsequent global protests, we've been compelled to examine how we're demonstrating solidarity with Black and Brown people in our everyday professional and personal lives.

As a business, we haven't done enough. That changes right now.

As of now, we commit to supporting our Black and Brown colleagues, friends, neighbours and citizens with the same passion and drive with which we have always pursued gender equality, womxn's rights, mental health at work and workers rights.

What does that actually mean?

We're unlearning and relearning. We know we have to audit and examine our white-centric, default position and challenge it in ourselves. daily.

The actions we'll take may evolve, but right now we will;

  1. Educate our team on white supremacy and structural racism
  2. Train our team in unconscious bias and anti-racism
  3. Ensure our suppliers are publicly anti-racist and we'll actively seek out Black-led or Black-owned businesses to spend with
  4. Not work with organisations who aren't publicly anti-racist, this will be incorporated into our Terms of Engagement from 1 July 2020
  5. Never run influencer campaigns that are not ethnically diverse
  6. Proactively review all work on an ongoing basis, for terminology which has racist or white supremacist origins (this is an interesting article on racism in the English language)
  7. Make sure a minimum of 50% of annual philanthropic giving will go to Black-led organisations or charities
  8. Challenge racism or any form of discrimination and continue to push for equity
  9. Widen our cultural net and frames of reference to ensure we aren't spotlighting whiteness by default
  10. Hold public leaders accountable and tackle structural racism in our systems of government