Making culture matter

The primary aim of this small-scale, pilot study for Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues was to demonstrate new ways of connecting with younger audiences.

We aimed to prove that by altering how we approach marketing to children and young people we can nurture relationships, improve engagement and grow footfall to cultural and heritage venues.

  • To prove face-to-face relationship marketing works more effectively for non-interested audiences.
  • To demonstrate a new methodology for marketing campaigns which are specifically designed to connect with young (13-17) audiences beyond traditional marketing techniques.
  • To start relationships with those young, currently defined by the sector as ‘hard-to-reach’ audiences.

We developed relationships with our target audience by physically going to where they are, rather than expecting audiences to ‘come to us’, in doing so, we:

  • Engaged with 157 15-19-year-olds
  • Converted 57% to event attendees
  • Converted 16% to cultural ambassadors

children and young people, co-curation, performance, music, alternative cultures, participation

Download the full project report here