Does Culture Matter?

We think so. How much it matters will be determined as we all navigate COVID-19 this year.

This life-altering global crisis is already having devastating impacts on many of us. During something so huge and unfathomable, we asked ourselves "how can we be useful?"

We are entirely committed to our employees, to preserving jobs, to supporting our clients through this and to doing the right thing.

Plus, we want to be useful. We want to use our minds and our skills to benefit those we care about.

Does Culture Matter Research Project

We're asking you to help us do that, by joining our Does Culture Matter Research Project. You'll answer five questions each week throughout 2020, sent to you by email, from us.

Your answers will help us advise the arts and culture sector on what matters to you as visitors, people and communities.

This is independent research, we aren't being paid by anyone to do it. There is no agenda, we just want to know how you feel and what you think.

We'll provide the research and the data to any arts or cultural organisation that wants it, free of charge.

Will you help us?

Click here to join Does Culture Matter?