Marketing trends for 2021

What are the key marketing trends going to be for 2021?

The truth is, none of us really know. But, we do think there are some key themes, that aren't necessarily new or revolutionary - but that will become ever more important to us as citizens and audiences.


The idea of a purpose-driven organisation is not new. But it's now vital.

Purpose-driven organisations can ride the storm of a year like 2020, because because they can answer these questions:

Why do you exist?

Who do you serve?

What change will you enable?


Seek a rounded view of the world and people.

That means data, conversations, opinions, research, analysis, thought, creation and intuition.

Know your blind spots and figure out how to illuminate them.

Explore beyond your industry, there's magic to be found.

Be human

Stop being a brand and start being a person,

Prioritise making a connection and not making sales,

Respond to what people need, not what you want to give,

Question how your values match those of the people you serve.

Tell the truth not a story.

Be there

Respect the privacy, space and time of people who connect with you.

Be there only when you can meet a need.

If you're not improving the lives of your audience, go away.

This goes back to purpose, what change can you enable? What difference can you make?


Not demographics,

Not two-dimensional personas,

But people.

Ask about their worldview and values. Listen.

What you hear should guide not just your marketing, but your product or service development.


Collaborate with other organisations to create something that:

improves lives;

helps others;

delivers convenience;

is valuable;

solves a problem.

“The best advice I could give for marketing in 2021 is value people as people and not as consumers to be marketed to. Performative purpose will be found out and called out, so beware!" Laura Rothwell, Crystallised